How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

A very common question asked among gamers is how much ram is required for gaming. Here is a quick answer for it.

The RAM is an essential part of a computer. But when it comes to gaming, it becomes even more important. Before buying a gaming computer, many gamers ask, “How much RAM do I need for a gaming laptop or PC?” before buying a gaming computer. Before moving further, I want to clarify that it totally varies what kind of games you are playing. Some games can be effortlessly played on a tiny 4GB RAM, while others can take more than 16GB of memory.

So, we will provide you with in-depth information regarding the ideal RAM size for gaming. You also need to evaluate other computing configurations before getting a high-RAM computer. Because you also need other components, such as processor, GPU, or storage speed, to match up the true performance of high RAM size. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

What is RAM & Why is it important for gaming?

The RAM stands for “Random access Memory,” which helps in reading & writing data at a significantly faster speed. Indeed, it is a temporary memory that is way faster than traditional hard drives & modern SSDs. It is actually a very important component when we perform high-end tasks like gaming because it helps in faster data processing. If there is not enough RAM available, games will start legging. Hence, a sufficient amount of free RAM should always be available while performing any task, including gaming.

How much RAM do I need for smooth gaming?

Here is our take on how much RAM should be sufficient for a smooth gaming experience:

8GB RAM for Gaming (minimum): A minimum of 8GB RAM is required for a gaming laptop or PC. But it doesn’t mean it is a sufficient RAM size for high-end games. You can surely play some decent gameplay with just 8GB RAM. We would not recommend going below that; otherwise, your computer will start crashing drastically because most of the games take up lots of resources in 2023.

16GB RAM (Recommended): Having 16GB of RAM on a gaming computer should be more than enough for a gaming computer. You can easily play most of the high-end AAA gaming titles, such as GTA V, The Witcher, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and many others. I think this is the sweet spot for gamers, and you can efficiently utilize the best possible gaming performance with that amount of RAM.

32GB RAM or Beyond (Overkill Sometimes): If you still want to go 32GB RAM or beyond, it might be overkill in some cases. But it could be a good bet for future-proofing, especially for a laptop; there is limited scope for an upgrade. But if you have a gaming PC, I don’t think you need to purchase that extra RAM unless you perform some extra-heavy tasks, such as 3D modeling, data servers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we care about the faster RAM speed?

It is always preferred to get a faster RAM speed with at least 3000MHz frequency. But there are high RAM speed RAMs available in 2023 that you can also consider to have a more fluent experience.

What are the major types of RAM available?

There are three major types of RAM available in 2023 that can be considered for gaming, DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5. Older than DDR3 could be outdated, and you may face many problems while running even a basic task.

Is it worth getting DDR5 in 2023?

While DDR5 might be an expensive choice, but can surely increase the system performance as long as you use the latest components. But if other hardware parts, such as the processor and GPU, are older, it is not a wise decision to spend extra money on DDR5.


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